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February 22, 2008 by Dan Greene
This is going to be my last entry on JU. Though its been fun, I don't really feel the need to post here anymore. It isn't that I hate the new interface, I actually am a bit of a fan of it.

It's that I dont like all of you. To be honest, the blacklisting, excessive denying of people the right to speak, the bitter forum whores who exist here, I don't get any accomplishment sense from debating them or conversing with them anymore. I also don't like the overall attitude that my opinion is of any ...
December 9, 2007 by Dan Greene
Catchy first sentence: In researching this topic, I didn't accumulate a whole ton of statistics, though they certainly are available, supporting each angle of a debate, on gun control.

The central theme I keep coming back too, is that with all the laws we have on the books, enforced or not, with all the people who are supposedly criminal and bad, that we have locked up, we still have, an alarming amount of national crime, and tragic losses of gun control where kids or criminals are able to ob...
November 29, 2007 by Dan Greene
I saw a flier, at work about this upcoming PG13 (read) kids movie lol.

"Avoid the Golden Compass"

Anyway, I'm not sure, if this is a hoax, or a brilliant marketing idea by the movie studio. Because as everybody knows, if you are a teenager/kid, what you do when you get warned to avoid or beware something, you try to find out more about it right. LOL.

It came up again, in a religious mailer...

Beware of the movie THE GOLDEN COMPASS. OK WTF
November 9, 2007 by Dan Greene
Ah yes again, one of the lamest implementers of a great RTS game to debut yet another product with a failure for launch.

Lets review the bugs/ misses with features with the previous launch.

A. Poor system performance on great top of the line sysems
B. Crashes in long term games
C. Instability in any games due to optimization lackings
D. Lack of features standard in RTS games, i.e. the pointer and sound the alarm rocket, from AOE and Starcraft back in 1997-98.
E. Complete lack...
November 9, 2007 by Dan Greene
I am looking and reading this page.

I have Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

Here are the instructions to make it work...

Steps for dictating a document
Complete the Speech Tutorial
In the Start Menu, choose All Programs, Accessories, Accessibility. Select the Speech Recognition option
Proceed through the initial set up screens to configure your microphone. The Speech tutorial will then be launched
Complete the Speec...
November 7, 2007 by Dan Greene
I've had an OEM copy of Vista Ultimate 64 bit version, with all the updates installed expect the foreign language ones, for about a month now. This article details the features which I do not like.

7. Instant search tool, great useless tool, the constant indexing of my hard drive has not actually made it any easier to find what I was looking for. Sure if know the exact name of a file or the general size yeah I can save time because I don't have to wait for a search to complete, but I general...
November 3, 2007 by Dan Greene
I guess November is lets be a racist month and release it to the public. You would think that celebrities and people who have or do have the cameras in their face all the time, you know from being celebrities that they would know the words not to say ever.

Like the N word, in this instance, in a personal conversation with Dog's son where he says he doesn't want his son's girlfriend around because his family and he use the N word, where is just slips out. Right.

The link at the end of the...
October 21, 2007 by Dan Greene
I'm not going to lie to you all. Vista looks great, but it runs like shit.

---PROFANITY WARNING--- Nothing too severe but I'm not pulling punches with this one.

In the interests of telling you all where I am coming from I've been into computers since 1988 when I played a game called SUBBATTLE on my uncles Apple IIGS. My first comp was a 486SX 20mhz with 4 MB ram stock. Since then I have run DOS 5.1, 6.2, Win 3.1, Win 95/98SE, I've had a P3 500, a P4 2.4 Ghz, and now I am running

Vista, ...
September 13, 2007 by Dan Greene
I am finally becoming convinced that this is a real, man made + natural phenomenon. I have become convinced through making an in depth analysis, and seeing how science rather then politics or politicians are providing the tools to conclude that a potentially serious global warming series of events and trends is occurring.

The first bit of evidence you need to know when researching this, is understanding the "actual greenhouse greenhouse effect" and the "greenhouse effect of the Earth".
September 2, 2007 by Dan Greene
We didn't start this business in Iraq. Saddam Hussein did in 1991. His invasion of Kuwait was condemned by the rest of the world in Gulf War I. We attacked and removed him from Kuwait and destroyed the bulk of his military presence as well as a significant portion of his ability to make war and operated a sophisticated soviet military style integrated air defense system.

Recall we didn't do that all alone either, there was a huge coalition, and the majority of the world contributed against I...
August 29, 2007 by Dan Greene
On August 6 2007 a mine in Utah, caved in. About several hundred feet underground and a mile or two in from the entrance. If the distances are off please forgive me. I've not been able to keep up on all the details. I do remember that the company president "Bob" was promising to find the miners dead or alive and go get them. Then after a few days/weeks of rescue tunneling another cave in occurred, called mountain bump, where the walls imploded killing three on the rescue tunneling party and eff...
August 21, 2007 by Dan Greene

I love how this video categorizes the story as "Vick" the victim, of the justice system, because there was a group of other defendants who took plea deals, in order to testify against him, and get lesser sentences. Of course you would expect that people with integrity, don't testify against others, i.e. bear false witness, and so I'm left to conclude that Michael Vick is indeed guilty of the crime as he has pl...
August 12, 2007 by Dan Greene
My life intersected a few interesting topics, some recent, some old rehashes, others important but years in the past. I wanted to write on them with some relevance and urgency but not with more urgency, then would be prudent for creating a good understanding and presentation of the facts.

There are some people in our nation who see fit to make argument, that anything and everything we do as a country in our own defense is legal, moral, and ethically correct. Indeed it does depend I guess on ...
February 23, 2007 by Dan Greene
February 13, 2007 by Dan Greene
Supreme Commander Demo, is out, looks hot, plays hot.

I've only tested the skirmish so far. Basically thats 1v1 u versus AI. The AI no easy is pretty much a pushover, but its good for learning how to manage the resource income/expense. The game isn't centered around accumulating resources nearly as much as efficiently exploiting the resource piles u have, while upgrading your structures as well as your resource capability.

The rate at which you income and expend resources is very much mo...